Palak Tiwari on success of Bijlee Bijlee and controversies and Dating rumours

Mumbai: 24 May 2022: Palak Tiwari talks about life in the spotlight, working with Hardy Sandhu, dealing with trolls, controversies, her upcoming projects and more.
Palak Tiwari begins the interview by thanking her fans and her loved ones for giving a positive response on her hit song Bijlee Bijlee with Hardy Sandhu. While thanking her fans she said, “This is a dream come true for me and I’m very grateful.”
She also says that she is glad she got to make her debut with Hardy Sandhu. Talking on the same topic she said, “It was a huge gamble for me but since it was Hardy and Desi Melody, B Praak and others, it was such a safe bet. I knew this song would be fantastic.”
Palak also opens about the pros and cons of being in the limelight and being active on social media. She said, “I would say social media is tricky. The person that I am is very different from the person you see on Instagram. This is the generation that is receiving criticism publicly but, it’s wonderful. You have to have thick skin. But I do realise the media personnel are also doing their job so I can’t really complain. I try to focus on the good parts.”
She also chats about life in the spotlight and how her mother Shweta Tiwari has helped her through difficult times. She said, “ My mom has always grounded me and given me reality checks. She always told me to be ready for criticism as it’s part and parcel.”

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