Parizaad character will be remembered for years, Ali Ahmed acting have set high standards


Lahore: 13 October 2021: In the era where loud acting and weak characterization have taken over our once Golden Drama industry. The time when trying to act like Kareena or imitating Shahrukh has led to our originality lose its charm... we see a man who emerges as an underrated actor, and a dark horse. Ahmed Ali Akbar as Parizaad is not your usual romantic hero, a jealous husband or a cheating fiance as you see all the time on your screens. He is unique, his get up, wardrobe, way to communicate.. nothing feels like acting. I only said it once before for Heath Ledger that the man totally became the character he portrayed; Joker. Same goes for Ahmed. He BECAME Parizad. What a beautiful depiction of how even men in our society are mistreated due to their looks. How losing one's parents at a young age leaves you vulnerable.. He is phenomenal to portray that! Pakistan industry has just gained a very, very promising gem.

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