Parliament is the most prestigious institution, should not be bypassed: CM Sindh


ISLAMABAD: 07, OCTOBER, 2021: Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah on Thursday said that promulgating ordinances is inappropriate as legislation should be done through assemblies. If one wants to do any legislation, it should be against inflation in the country. Parliament, which is the most prestigious institution, should not be bypassed.

While talking to media in Islamabad after appearing before accountability court, CM Sindh said that no matter when next general elections are held, Prime Minister Imran Khan will nowhere to be seen. In 2016 PTI used to say that whoever owns offshore accounts is a thief but now offshore accounts of ministers of the federal capital have been unearthed.

Murad Ali Shah said that he had seen the NAB Ordinance on TV. So far I have seen three different copies of the NAB Ordinance. Parliament is the most respected and prestigious institution which should not be bypassed.

The Sindh Chief Minister said that there should be an independent investigation into Pandora leaks. The federal government is responsible for inflation and unemployment across the country. The people will take revenge for the storm of inflation in the next election by voting, he added. (04)

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