Pervez Khattak, the PTI's leader, resigns from his party post.


Peshawar: 1 June 2023: Pervez Khattak, the PTI's leader, has declared his resignation from the job.In a video statement, he made the revelation and stated that he had made the choice after "consulting friends."

Khattak, who served as the president of the PTI chapter in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, announced his resignation from the party and stated that he will make a decision about his future after speaking with "friends and party workers" one more time.

Additionally, he stated that watching "propaganda" on television was "not right" and that he had made his choice only after giving it some thought.

Asad Qaiser, another party leader, was briefly visible in the film but remained silent.Omar Ayub, the general secretary of the PTI, said in a tweet before Khattak's announcement that he and along with other party leader.

"The PTI negotiation committee has been informed that senior PTI members Pervez Khattak and Asad Qaiser have been arrested. He tweeted, "They were enticed on the pretence of meeting them to discuss negotiations.

The two leaders were allegedly "called for a meeting by the intelligence agencies and then illegally detained in a safe house to quit PTI for their release," according to the PTI chairman, who made a similar allegation.

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