Physics is simply a game, if student understands it well


Hyderabad: 7 November 2021: Why has the notion of antispace been ignored by professional physicists? We have antimatter. Geometry offers us a location for it, that point in the tetrahedral void between four closest packed dimensionless points. These four dimensionless points are viewed from the perspective of space and their radius is zero. However, if we change the view of this image from the four points in space to a view from the perspective of that point in the tetrahedral void, the math says it is the larger sphere with a radius of zero.
I suggest that space, time, and energy is an oscillation between space and antispace. That the expansion phase of each side of the oscillation has momentum energy equal to Planck's constant at every point. That the velocity of the expansion and contraction is 2C. That a Planck unit of time is one expansion and contraction. And that matter is condensed on vectors that intersect the same point in space and antimatter out of antispace. There is more, but this is the basics.

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