Picture of Pain


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad:30 /8/2022: If you have a heart, which Pakistani rulers don't certainly have, you can't but not be moved by the plight of the country's millions of displaced flood-hit: their lives, livelihoods and hearth blown away in a canter. Look at this picture closely. Can you see the trauma, the sadness on the face of this innocent soul waiting for help in this disaster after fleeing for safety alongside a highway in Sindh province? Their gaze seems to posit betrayal. What has or the other 33 million done to deserve this fate, you wonder. But while even superpowers may struggle to fight the swarming elements in their deadliest fury, the apathy of our ruling class, including the military establishment which won't let go off its demonic hold of political play, sits in stark contrast to what more civilised and responsible states do when faced with similar challenges. And so, after a few days and weeks, it's a cinch we'll be back to Square One as if the tragedy never happened. With this little Kid as lost as they are today. Nothing in this nature lives for itself,rivers don't drink their own water,neither trees eat nor give shade to themselves,neither the fragrance of flower is for themselves, the true meaning of life is to live for others, feel their pain their miseries and work for them.This is deeply immersed in Hands team head like Razaque Umrani Sumera,etc their flood relief work is lauded and unmatched, the volunteer work tirelessly whole day but never complain about anything.They collect , mange, and distribute tons of cooked and uncooked food with several other items in bulk for flood effected people.Not only this but other individuals like Zahid Ahmed, Pervaiz Rind and Ghulam Nabi have also worked and sent necessary items for their own beloved Sindhi brothers and sisters, despite having limited resources.
Disaster Management failure: Excessive rains, and floods are occurable phenomenon. They strike Pakistan in each monsoon. Decision-makers at all levels were cautioned about the incoming disaster three months ago. Lack of action, and inadequate institutional preparedness in the face of this challenge amounts to criminal negligence. Do they know the value of even one life lost to waves of water?
How many times both sides of the Indus will continue to suffer from death, destruction, and uncertain future.

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