Play with your Brain, and you will be TRULY EFFECTIVE


Hyderabad: 14 January 2022: True effectiveness is when you get the work done, without damaging your ability to produce the same results.
When we talk About productivity and being effective in any area of our lives, many people always ignore the welfare of the asset and concentrate only on the results.
For example: just concentrating on producing as much output as possible and giving less attention to the maintenance of the machine.
Of course, you may be able to produce more output in the short run but in a long run, you will end up spending a lot more money on the asset than the cost of maintenance.
Expecting your employees to treat the customers right, when you don't treat the very employees right, is like focusing only on the output and not maintaining the asset.
Overworking yourself without taking enough rest, is like focusing only on the product and not maintaining the asset. Which will lead to more negative consequences.
True effectiveness is when you treat your employees right, and they treat customers right (that balance). When you work hard but also take enough rest (that Balance )
As Stephen R . Covey will put it
"True effectiveness is a function of two things: what is produced and the producing asset or capacity to produce "

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