Play with your mind as if it is some sort of sport, make yourself believe the things you want..


Hyderabad: 6 January 2022: We should know that we already have what we want in life. If you start with this intention that ‘I already have what I want’, then what you want will fructify easily. Thinking, ‘I have it’, is like sowing a seed. Once you sow a seed, then you put water and manure and it will sprout and grow. So, you know mentally that the seed is there. Same way, whatever you want to achieve in life, know that you are that and you have it. If you think you don’t have it then only lack grows.
That is the reason why people who have money keep getting more money and those who do not have; they don’t get because they keep saying that ‘I don’t have, I don’t have’. So, the mind goes in the direction of lack.
Do you know, whenever things were not there at home or when we would ask for chocolate, my grandmother used to always say, ‘It is in plenty, in abundance, we will go to the shop.’ For someone who listens to it, it appears completely absurd. We never heard her say that we don’t have.
So that ‘lack’ consciousness should go and you should feel the abundance. So, whatever goal you want to achieve, first know that you have it, you have achieved it, and then put your effort to achieve it. Effort should be put, but only effort will not work. Before effort, there should be the seed of the goal as well.

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