Poetry is the language of emotions, love and express vulnerability in its true colors



Melborne: 7 October 2021: Dear, you left me with no choice but to stay? with those brown eyes that keeps my heart beating, and their stare that means my death, leaving you alone couldn?t be an option and even if it is, I wouldn?t choose it anyway. 

I found an adventure with twist and turns full of fun with you. You made me feel how it feels like to be on the top of the world, but you also made me feel how this world could be unfair. And because of that, you?re the best worst thing that ever happened in my existence. 

You?re a poison that keeps me alive instead of killing me, you?re a villain who did nothing but to save me, you?re a living hell that takes me to heaven. 

Loving you is the death of me but being loved by you is my resurrection."

Kristine Emerald Madrones

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