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Hyderabad: 22 November 2021: It is advisable to all competitive exams aspirants as well as those who are preparing for various one paper MCQs related posts to go through mathematics and science book of 8th grade of any board, and make it a habit to revise it often during your preparatory journey of such exams.
The 8th class book covers nearly all the topics from which MCQs and math/science related questions come. You will be in a very strong position to solve math/science related portion if you develop a strong command over this book.
Moreover, it is highly regrettable that in pursuit of high marks in board classes (9th and 10th) most of the schools have adopted a policy to teach 9th class course in 8th calling it "pre ninth" that is a very short sighted strategy with that you can achieve short term goal of gaining good marks in 9th class but it is practically a very damaging thing jumping a vital class with foundational courses of math and science which will have life long implications.
Contrary to the various branch of sciences and math taught in 9th afterwards. The 8th class course is very practical and is used often in daily life, skipping this course tantamounts to not only depriving children of some very basic life long skills but it is also depriving those children from a good chance to shine in job related tests in future as they are highly based on this course.

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