Protesters directed to discuss their issues in person with LUMHS management


JAMSHORO: 27, SEPTEMBER, 2021: (Report by: Ali Murad Chandio): In response to a protest conducted by the representatives of LUMHS employees on 27th September 2021, at Press Club Hyderabad, it is to inform that the management of this University is seriously looking after the genuine demands of the employees, Additional Registrar LUMHS Jamshoro said in a statement.

Regarding the Health Risk allowance to the employees, the policy for the grant is awaited as for the employees of all other Medical Universities of Sindh.

The management has already constituted a Committee comprising of representatives from syndicate/Faculty Members/ officers and other staff to identify the land for further necessary action to establish LUMHS Residential Colony.

The employees are directed to discuss their issues in person with the management, rather than to conduct protest as it creates problem in the smooth running of University and providing health care to the patients admitted in attached hospitals. (04)

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