Quantum Aether Dynamics, A New Foundation for Physics


Hyderabad: 22 December 2021: Quantum Aether Dynamics, A New Foundation for Physics This is a paper that was first published in PESWiki but it certainly deserves to be widely known. It is based on a deep re-thinking of current physics and models the aether as a substrate for all things physical. "Modern physics describes the mechanics of the Universe. We have discovered a new foundation for physics, which explains the components of the Universe with precision and depth. We quantify the existence of Aether, subatomic particles, and the force laws. Some aspects of the theory derive from the Standard Model, but much is unique. We can postulate that the Universe composes from force, matter, and environment. Space-time is a subset of "environment", which is quantified as Aether. The ontology of the APM assumes quantum matter exists within a quantum environment, and that the quantum environment constructs from primary force acting on quantum dimensional measurements. Let us assume the force as primary, and demonstrate that it factors from Coulomb's constant and Newton's gravitational constant. We name the primary force "Gforce" and assume it is constant, and thus the Universe is a closed system. In this paper, we do not present Gforce as a derived constant from constants that are more fundamental. The Aether Physics Model (APM) is mathematical and based upon empirical quantum data. Whereas modern physics focuses on what the Universe does, we quantify what the Universe is.

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