Queen Elizabeth is the richest person in Royal family , she owns $550 million


London: 14 December 2021: Queen Elizabeth who sat on the throne for 60 years had garnered a massive wealth. It was not only because of the British taxpayers that were covering her income but also from her plots of land. She owned several expensive properties in her territory and her favorite was the gateway, Balmoral Castle that was worth $140 million.
Charles, Prince of Wales – $100 million
Charles, Prince of Wales, who would be the future King of their country, had a net worth of $100 million. As soon as he would take over the throne, his salary would increase. It was because he would inherit all the assets that the queen would leave. However, he didn’t rely on the resources that the queen held. He got investments, businesses, and real estate that he owned. With his businesses, there would not be a problem when he and his friends would have get-togethers.

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