Rain is a mood, an emotion, outpouring of nature and a process to cleanse your soul


Hyderabad: 12 May 2022: "You know when it's just starting to rain and you really don't notice it much, but then you hear the rain coming down faster, getting louder and harder on the rooftop and windowsills. So you get up, go to your front door, and open it just to watch it downpour and hear the rain? You see the sky open up and clouds moving fast, the wind carrying the rain swiftly across the road, and you smell that earthy musky scent overtaking the air. That's how she came into his life. Slowly, cautiously, softly. Like the first start of rain. He really didn't notice the impact she had on him, because it all happened so subtly over time. Then her love was fierce, and a strong force to behold. She took rise in him primal urges he kept hidden away. He knew every curve of her body, mesmerized her in his mind. Even as his eyes were closed- he can picture her laying there on the bed. He knew the flowery smell of her hair and the sweet smell on her forehead when he kissed her. Her love consumed him just as the downpour of the rain is coming down hard and fast like a microburst storm that you didn't see coming. She loved him with every fiber of her soul. No corner unturned. No walls standing. Raw, honest and deep as love can be....that's what she gave to him. He loved her just with the same intensity and rawness she never knew before. And he showed it in the way he looked at her, the way he touched her, the way he smiled at her, the way he made her laugh, the way he protected her, how he made her think and analyze herself, the way he calmed her soul, the way he treated her adoringly, and the way he made her body arch and her mouth moan as he had her body all consumingly.

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