Ranveer Singh is winning our hearts in this misogynistic world.

Hyderabad: 6 July 2022: For insecure & beta males, he is a Simp. For those who crack dusri shadi "jokes" in family gatherings to embarrass their wives, he is non-masculine. For those who believe that public display of affection towards one's spouse is Fahaashi but public display of abuse is all good, he is weak. For those who make their wives feel small in front of others and in person, he is a clown. For those who mentally & physically paralyze their partners for the sake of their ego & to appease others, he is not enough!
But for a woman who seeks nothing but pure love, affection and respect from a man she so dearly adores, he is a real man who every loving woman deserves! When you praise your partner publicly, you send a message to everyone how sacred & strong bond you two have. You tell the world that it is not a lonely journey, but us two against the world.

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