Reaching the unreachable; Fire tests gold,challenges tests the brave


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 19 May 2022: How would you feel if someone cover their nose when u pass by and look down upon you? Obviously not good enough.
Kohli, Bheel have experienced the acute pain of how society made them feel impure and inferior. They don't even like them to stand next to them, and openly ask them to maintain a distance just because they are Bheel, Kohli, and belong to the less privileged part of the community...(as per their poor thinking)
Resultantly, they feel down, and low as discarded pieces. They are forcefully made to feel low due to power imbalance and prevailing discrimination in society. Whereas; they are the indigenous people of the land, the real owner, Dharti Dhani once rule all over the land. Luckily, their confidence arose when they saw that few people treat them equally with kindness. And they are concerned about their health and well-being in the current Corona Pandemic. HANDS Pakistan not only supported them in heavy RAINS but in the corona pandemic as well. They are treated with dignity and respect.
In harsh weather, rains,I saw Abdul Razaque Umrani working tirelessly, he took food boxes on his shoulders for them, solved their civic and management issues, provide them clean water and other smoothly managed other affairs . Moreover, Miss Sumera Daahri was also there in the field, helping the ladies of Bheel and Kohli community. In this difficult time. As the corona pandemic started people were maintaining دوریاں rather than فاصلہ from their fellow beings. In the same moment they are being vaccinated on a priority basis.
The HANDS Pakistan team treats the Kohli and Bheel communities with the same respect and dignity as they treat residents of other areas.
In the start, it was a bit new for them to digest that a team came to visit them in their Huts poor jhoopri. Although, it was a pleasant experience to see how happy their faces were when they were treated as equal citizens. There were shiny galaxies in their kids' eyes; very hard to put into words. That was An entirely new experience for them. their initial expressions were of surprise. After communication, they realized that they are important too, and HANDS Pakistan realized that long ago.

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