Rely on yourself, every relationship has its expiry date.


Hyderabad: 9 November 2022: You have to be on your own—not because you deserve to be with yourself alone, but for the reason that sometimes, the people whom you can lean on will also have such hard times to face. They will feel empty, too, and will be needing some help. And if there will come a time when all of you are going through something at the same time and can't be of rescue for each other, you have to stand up on your own feet, get your own back, and be there on your own being without having a heart filled with hate just because no one is there for you.

I want you to understand that everyone of us gets tired and trying our best to endure our own battles and pain, so be present for your own self at the time being—and meet those persons you love at the end of the tunnel you are all in.

— Ren Ednalig, The Storytellers

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