Road accident in Ahmedpur Sharqia leaves one dead, two wounded


AHMEDPUR SHARQIA: 22, JANUARY, 2022: One person was dead while two others were seriously injured in a road mishap at the National Highway in Ahmedpur Sharqia on Friday night.
According to details, the accident took place near Toll Plaza in Ahmedpur Sharqia where two over-speeding trailers collided with each other due to which one of them skidded and hit a bike.
As a result of incident, one person died on the spot and two others were wounded.
On receiving information about the road crash, rescue teams reached the spot and moved the dead and injured to Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital.
Earlier, on January 15, at least four children were dead while 13 others were seriously wounded in a road accident in Bahawalpur on Saturday morning.
According to details, the road crash happened in Bahawalpur where an over-speeding trailer collided with a school rickshaw owing to heavy fog.
After being informed, police and rescue workers reached to the spot and moved the dead and injured to hospital.
Police said the driver of trailer managed to escape from the scene after the accident. (04)

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