Russians say, Tu me manques , missing you in me...

Hyderabad: 14 October 2022: MISSING HER
He whispered he was missing her
She said how can that be true?
When I'm here inside your heart
Wrapped in the deepest parts of you
Close your eyes
Breathe in the silence
Trace my music up your spine
Singing sacred songs of promise
Soon in your arms I'll be entwined
Now place a hand upon your heart
Feel the beating of the drums
Hear me calling out your name
In sacred union we are one
Devour my joy kissing your lips
Taste each breath as you inhale
Love vibrating through your cells
Desire caressing every inch
So tell me
How can you be missing me?
When you and I now dwell together
Just feel my ryhthm in your heart
And know I'll dance with you forever
~ Gemma Star

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