SAAFCO Family celebrated birthday of founder of SAFCO, SAFWCO Mr Suleman G Abro

Hyderabad: 15 April 2022: The Civil Society of Hyderabad and SAFCO Family celebrated birthday of renowned social activist and founder of SAFCO/SAFWCO Mr. Suleman G. Abro on 13th April, 2022 at Hyderabad Club, Hyderabad. The event was organized by SAFCO staff where intellectuals, writers, social leaders and colleagues celebrate birthday of legend and also acknowledge the contribution made by Mr. Abro for the betterment of society. Speakers includes Mr. Yousif Laghari- prominent lawyer leader, Prof. Mustaque Mirani- Economist, Dr. Ismail Kumbhar- Chairperson SAFCO, Dr. Aijaz Ali Khuwaro- Chairman SAFWCO, Mr. Syed Sajjad Ali Shah- MD SAFCO, Mr. Altaf Nizamini- ED SAFWCO, Mr. Zulfiqar Halepoto- Writer & Activist, Prof. Zawar Naqvi- Writer and Educationist, Ms. Mumtaz Bano, Ms. Zaib-ul-Nisa, Mr. Qadri, Mr. Aziz Gopan and many others said that whenever the history of social sector in Pakistan will be written, it will not be complete without mentioning the Suleman G. Abro. He not only created institutions but also provided opportunities for many young people, who are today serving in high positions in national level institutions. Suleman G. Abro, who employs thousands of people, has never allowed arrogance and ego in his caste, he has always encouraged people. They further highlighted contribution of Mr. Abro to society and mentioned that he is a patriotic man who not only works for NGOs but also published many of his books based on the history of Sindh and especially the biographies of national heroes. Have done Solomon has not only created institutions but also played a role in strengthening his competitive institutions. Mr. Abro studied at many of the world's top institutions, including Harvard University and Oxford University. He never allowed arrogance to come into his being, we have always seen him smiling. He never remained silent on the issues of Sindh nor did he care about any donor or government in this regard.
While addressing in end of the event Mr. Suleman G. Abro paid deep thanks to all participants especially prominent civil society members and his colleagues for giving him honor on his contribution and celebration of his birthday. He said that people belonging to very poor families have done great deeds in the world. When we started social activities, feudal lords and bureaucrats came down on enmity and turned the dacoits against us but we always did our job without anyone noticing.
During the ceremony, Suleman G. Abro, who kept wiping tears from his eyes, said that the respect you have given me is a great honor for me and it encourages me to do more. He said that he had read the life stories of celebrities from all over the world, most of who came from extremely poor families like ours. Literary books have always trained and guided us.
"When we started this journey, the landlords, the dacoits, the intelligence people were following us," he said. I was given the task of kidnapping robbers, several attempts were made to kidnap me. I was convinced of my future achievements at that time, as Mahatma Gandhi said, when opposition began at home, in the neighborhood, in the city and in the region, and when these four stages of hardship were completed, the fifth stage came the recognition of services. Today's event encourages me to work harder. I am very grateful to all of you for that.

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