SANA Demands justice for Shaheed Nazim Jokhio and severe punishment for murderers


New Jersey, 09 November 2021– Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) is deeply outraged at the brutal murder of a brave son of Sindh, Nazim Jokhio, at the hands of a rowdy outlaw disguised as a lawmaker, Jam Awais. In a statement issued in New Jersey, USA Today, SANA president Khalid Chana said that Shaheed Nazim Jokhio was a hero of Sindh since he was killed protecting honour of his village, as well as Sindh, from being a scene of an illegal activity. Shaheed Jokhio had courageously confronted some foreigners involved in illegal hunting of migratory birds in his village and made a live video of the unlawful activity, which enraged the local MPA. Nazim Jokhio was summoned by the lawmaker, Jam Awais, who brutally tortured him to death. SANA president expressed deep concern at the allegations of growing expression of violent behavior among politicians belonging to the ruling party in Sindh, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). A number of party lawmakers have been reportedly involved in murder and other equally heinous crimes of late. “It is unfortunate that a party that once prided itself on being the party of the people has become a shelter of worst criminals. One such example is the brutal murder of Nazim Jokhio by a PPP MPA, Jam Awais” the president of SANA said in the statement. He said even though the main culprit of this monstruous cruelty had been apprehended, however, in the manner in which the alleged murderer was favourably treated at the police station indicated that the arrest was a mere hogwash and the government was not interested in providing fair justice in the case Shaheed Jokhio. SANA, as the largest and most representative organization of diaspora Sindhis in the world, demands that the murders of Shaheed Nazim Jokhio be treated as any other pitiless criminal and when found guilty awarded an exemplary punishment. The criminals, who murdered Shaheed Nazim Jokhio in cold blood deserve no mercy, said Khalid Channa Khalid Chana President,
SANA (Sindhi Association of North America)

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