SANA concerned at growing incidents of lawlessness in Sindh and the State’s maladroitness

15 February 2022– Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) is deeply concerned at the ever-growing incidents of lawlessness in Sindh. What makes things worse is the State’s obvious incompetence and collaboration in the crimes against the people of the province. SANA feels that while in Karachi and elsewhere in the urban Sindh, the street crime is on the rise and known terrorists like Ajmal Pahari are being released by the courts due to poor prosecution, flawed laws and a compromised judiciary, the life in the rural Sindh is being made hell, in most of the recent cases, by the government functionaries and rulers’ henchmen: 1. SANA desires to express its deep anguish at the recent murder of Nausheen Shah at SMBB Medical University in Larkana. This is not the first murder at the university. What is most shocking is the news that the DNA found in the body of the deceased is the same as found in the previous case of Namarta Kumari, who was murdered in the same university a couple of years ago. Namarta was murdered in exactly the same manner at Nausheen. Doesn’t that mean that a serial killer is loose in the university. While the university administration, led by the VC, Anila Ataurrahman, tried its best to cover up the cases, the truth which has come out is appalling. SANA demands that the VC be arrested and investigated. It is obvious that she is accessory to the crimes and that is why she is protecting the murder(s). 2. SANA expresses extreme concern at the brutal killing of people by the criminals belonging to the tribe of the rulers of the unfortunate province, on a piece of land in Shaheed Benazir Abad. The Zardari vs. Bhand conflict that was going on for last several years could have been averted had the people from the Zardari tribe, aided and abetted by the police, not resorted to high-handedness. SANA demands that the criminals be apprehended forthwith and dealt with the severest of punishment for their crime against innocent people of Bhand and Mallah tribes. SANA wishes to remind the people of Sindh that the hearts of the Sindhis living in North America beats with them, and resolves to always stand by them in every moment of hardship or happiness.
Khalid Channa President, SANA (Sindhi Association of North America)
Edison, New Jersey

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