Saba Qamar praised for her amazing skills in dramas

Hyderabad: 18 Nov 2022: A drama that started out depicting the mindset and bleak situation of middle class families with daughters, fathers who can't and won't think beyond their daughter's marriage, quickly took a turn for the unpredictable when the protagonist Maya, becomes the victim of fraud.
At first we thought Shujaat's role was over, at least in Maya's life but as fate brings them face to face again, Saba emerges as a strong, resilient woman, even though her father left no stone unturned in making his daughters dependant little cry babies who can't find their way out of their miseries.
The drama has become a nail biting game as all the characters are getting entwined into a web of deceit, lies and manipulation.
I want to see Maya fight back for what she's worth instead of bowing down in front of her manipulators.

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