Sajida Axed to Death by her father-in-law a year ago, another angle becomes Kaari.


Islamabad: 18 June 2022: Exactly one year ago, a mother of 3, an educated and successful worker and a simple innocent woman who knew nothing about her fate, wrote about "Kaaliyon ka Qabristan", a graveyard for those women who are k¡lled for "honour" and no one's allowed to pray for them. She mentioned them being murdered by axes and r¡fles. Exactly one year later, the same beautiful woman became the very victim of the same crime she once voiced about. She was axed to d£ath by her own father in law because all she wanted was to get away from their abuse & take her kids back to Australia for better educational opportunities. According to her Father-in-law, that was a step to drift away from Islam. So... he commits the most horrific, unfathomable & unforgivable crime against his own daughter-in-law, he t*rtures her to death with an axe!! So according to him, moving back to Australia was a bigger diversion from religion than k¡lling his own daughter-in-law? Who was a mother of 3 small children? Sajida Tasneem displayed signs of anguish when she asked for advice about her husband & in-laws abuse in a group. Her close aids told that she was under immense pressure to return to Pakistan. Yet, she went for the sake of her kids & to save her marriage! It's very easy to say that "aaj kal ki aurat mein sabar nahi" "apna ghar torr deti hai".. Kyun? Ghar bacha ley chahay khud marr jaye? Tum log aao gy uskay bachon ko paalnay jab wo maar di jaye gi? At the sign of even slightest abuse, LEAVE THE PLACE! There is NO bravery to stay in an abusive household. It is better to return divorced than dead!! Your children can survive broken homes but not dysfunctional homes! Sajida Tasneem is a name that should not die! And it should serve as a lesson to anyone in an abusive household- LEAVE! No matter how hard or humiliating it may look like! And any woman who is forced to go back to their homeland, it is a RED FLAG! DO NOT GO BACK unless you're 100% sure & have a confidante! Rest in Peace our beautiful sister- Sajida

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