Sarmad Khoosat work is based on bitter social realities

Hyderabad: 16 February 2022: An antique clock is churned, the pendulum swings and we’re transported to a dining table where a toxic behaviour of masculinity is almost overwhelming. It is a patriarchal household in ‘How’ by audio-visual artist, Wooly and the Uke for whom this has “a personal connotation in a traditional, South Asian family”. As the narrative builds, we see Wooly as part of the cast with a group of actors that deliver the idea behind the music video so well that the first thought is casting coup.
The patriarch in ‘How’ is essayed by the illustrious Sarmad Khoosat, filmmaker as well as theatre, film and TV actor. At this South Asian “dining table”, he is joined by an array of other individuals, each playing what is a necessary role (such as Muhammad Moiz, famous queer-rights activist, academician, and public health practioner; Adeel Afzal, known more recently for his national drama serial, Parizaad; Wajeeha Zaeem, fashion model, and Usman Rana, a NY-based budding actor – with the last two making their debut with music video).

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