Hyderabad: 14 Dec 2022: When you have done everything possible - to be, to do, to have your heart’s desire and it isn’t coming through like you thought it would; don’t give up. It is not, I repeat; it is not hopeless.
There is something amiss, and it is found in our thoughts. The ones that say we don’t deserve what we are seeking.
Slow down; invert this mindset so you can see the blockage.
Maybe what we are seeking is not what we need.
Maybe we need to reassess. Rumi says, “What you seek is seeking you.”
Confronting negative thoughts is your next step because we are our only barrier to fulfillment.
Or maybe? Just maybe, what we already have is enough… thank it all.
Begin again.
“He was always in a hurry to get where he was not.”
― Leo Tolstoy

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