Shafqat Mahmood s mess created hurdles for student


Hyderabad: 20 October 2021: The mess which Shafqat Mahmood created continues to create hurdles for all stakeholder while the Education Minister is no where to be seen and appears to have no regret or remorse about how he has destroyed merit. The managements of universities and colleges are figuring out a solution to give admissions to students who have secured unexpectedly full or high marks (1100) in matriculation and intermediate exams, thanks to the Promotion Examination Policy of 2021 of the boards of intermediate and secondary education (BISEs) in Punjab. The students and parents are eagre to how the universities and colleges would decide merit to give admission to high-acheivers. Earlier, most of the colleges and universities would give admission on the basis of marks obtained in intermediate and matriculation. According to the policy, candidates would have to take examinations of optional subjects and marks obtained in optional subjects would be counted as the marks for compulsory subjects.

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