Shah wali ullah was the renowned reformer of the sub continent


Salma Soomro:
Hyderabad: 31 December 2021: Saha Waliullah’s role has been remarkable in the subcontinent history. His arrival and work for the Muslims of the subcontinent was highly needed at that time and still cherished after decades and years till today. Muslims of the subcontinent can not thank him enough for the reforms he introduces in the time of darkness.
Major issues of the subcontinent :
Low morale of Muslims
Lack of confidence in their capabilities divided Muslims into sects
Alarmingly dropping rates of education
Poor knowledge and understanding of Islam and their glorious history
No enthusiasm or vividness to strive for their future
Shaah Waliullah biography:
Shah Waliullah belonged to a very religious family, his father and mother played an enormously important role in his upbringing. His basic education is from Madrasae Rahimiya. This madrassa was made in the name of his father Shah Abdul Rahim.
He was from the time when people of religious families went to Saudi Arabia for their further studies, so he went there to pursue religious knowledge.
Shah Waliullah worked on Muslim intellectual upbringing:
He was aware of the situation and as a very intellectual and suave person his hands were on the pulse of Muslims, he knew where things went wrong.
Steps were taken by shah Waliullah:
He translated Quran into the Persian language so that people can understand what their Creator is saying to them directly, without any involvement of a third person.
Rather than cramming the lines, he planned to make rational decisions to help Muslims understand the Quran. He worked on the different schools of thought, tried to spread their point of view, and enhanced similarities between the sects to remove the misunderstandings and grudges Muslims have held against each other due to lack of knowledge.
He launched a campaign to spread Islamic values.
Supporter of ijtihad:
He recommended the application of Ijtihad against blind Taqlid. He also interpreted Quran and Hadith according to the context of the times.
He put a duty on his students to spread the Islamic values and true meaning of Islam, bring harmony and love in the Muslim factions that were divided.
Shah walaiullah book: He wrote Hujjat-ullah-il-Balighah” book. It is known to few sites and people that he has immense knowledge of the economy, the system of governance, and sociology. In his book, he points out many things about the social fabric, taxation policy, and ways to elevate prevailing poverty in that times.
He pinpointed the causes of chaos and disintegration of Muslim society. These were:
§ Pressure on the public treasury, the emoluments given to various people who render no service to the state.
§ Heavy taxation on peasants, merchants, and workers, with the result that tax evasion was rampant. According to Shah Wali Ullah, a state can prosper only if there were light and reasonable taxes.
He wrote open letters to:
§ Mughal rulers, armed persons, and laborers. To him all were important. He made all of them realize their importance. Invoked the warrior spirit in the armed forces, made laborers artisans realize that the state is
due to their hard work. The Emperor, asking him to teach a lesson to the Jats threatening the Mughal Empire. He also wrote and advised him not to give jagirs (land) to mansabdars who were not loyal to the state.
§ Masses, to be conscious of their duties and not to indulge in the accumulation of wealth.
Ahmed Shah Abdali: To some extent, he was the person that pushed him and guided him as well, which resulted in the defeat of Marathas at the hands of Ahmad Shah Abdali and Najib-ud-Daula, in the third battle of Panipat in 1761. These were the biggest threat to the Mughal empire of that time.
Even after his death in 1762, his sons and followers carried on his work. Many future Islamic leaders and thinkers were inspired by his example.

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