Shawal moon sighted, Eid Muarak to all Pakistan


Hyderabad: 2 May 2022 : Wish a happy Eid-ul-Fitr to all friends with diverse trappings of this day of blessings, joy, and gratitude. May it visit your lives, and those of your families, innumerable times in the years ahead. As the holy month of Ramzan concludes this evening, we need to consolidate the lessons learnt during the last 30 days, and meticulously apply them to our daily lives, and social relations in the next 11 months, and thereafter always. Ramzan presents a unique opportunity for rededicating ourselves to promote virtue, and negate vice in all forms, and manifestations. Please observe austerity in spending, and on the food table in the midst of celebrations. We can always find people in close proximity who need help, and assistance. We are related to each other.P.S. Alas, we in Pakistan have failed yet again to celebrate Eid on one day. 138 men, in KPK, and parts of Baluchistan were reported to have sighted the Shawa’al crescent with naked eyes last evening. Their Shaha’da should have been accepted, and applied to rest of Pakistan. Even Hazara Division is not in agreement with Peshawar as is the larger territory of Baluchistan. It’s a failure of national institutions that have little interest in rallying the nation to unitedly celebrate Eid on one, single day.

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