She felt every subtle thing..


Hyderabad: 27 July 2022: "She felt everything. She even felt what others were feeling. She wore the burden on her shoulders. She kept many feelings to herself. Crying alone when it got too much to bear. She kept her walls high. She protected her heart. She had a hard time letting herself be completely open with someone. She didn't want to be vulnerable. Until he came along. All her feelings, thoughts, and inhibitions vanished. She was free."
"It didn't matter where we were headed that night. All I wanted was for him to wrap his hand in mine and walk next to me. There's a simple innocence to just walking hand in hand. A simple thing, yet such bonding closeness. Feeling safe, secure, and loved. It says 'I want to always be touching you whether we're still or in motion'. It's an innocent yearning to always be close. I just put my head on his shoulder and smile as the street lights shone down on us. To me, it was the perfect ending to the night"

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