She is tornado of Emotions and thoughts but caged from everyone, even herself, only open her real self with a select few.


Hyderabad: October 21, 2022 : She is a tornado in a cage. Emotions and thoughts caged from everyone, even herself. She was only open and her real self with a select few. But she even caged herself for even those protect them, shield them from the whirlwind of her mind, thoughts, and feelings. She can be a calm sky all day, then the winds start to whirl inside her and she tries to contain her chaos, but it's so hard. The only way to do it is to be silent. Withdrawn and quiet. Ever hear a sound in the distance, yet you can't quite make it out? You're standing there looking out to the sky in a direction of the sound, but you can't see anything. Then as it comes nearer, and it's suddenly on top of you, that's when you see the natural disaster coming. Yet it's too late. You're swept up into the funnel out of control. That's why she cages herself. For her protection and yours. So you're not swept up into her air of chaos and destruction. She's already there. She's destroyed and broken. But she doesn't want another casualty. So in the cage she remains."-

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