She wants deep conversations,no judging, long drives, beach, sunset, waves, and stars view


Karachi: 16 June 2022: Ask her what she craves and her answer is simple: deep conversations with someone she trusts and won't judge her, long drives blasting 80s music, going to the beach at sunset and watching the waves, nice intimate dinners, looking up at a clear sky full of stars sitting outside, winding up at a book store during part of a date night and getting lost in the isles, falling asleep with her head on your chest after you ravishing her body, going to a quaint cafe for coffee, getting surprised with her favorite flowers, seeing a butterfly land on her red rose bush, closing her eyes and taking deep breaths to calm her feelings, cuddling with her puppy on the couch, reading her book by the front window by the willowing cherry tree, sitting on the patio with a glass of wine and twinkle fairy lights overhead, touring castles, abbeys, cathedrals and ruins and absorbing their history, going to the nearby field where the horses are and just watching them communicate and run together, watching her favorite baking shows, hugging her children tight wishing the seconds didn't end, drawing hearts on the steamy shower glass doors as she's singing, getting to the very last page of a book and wishing she can meet one of the characters and ask them questions, and lastly...a whole day in bed with you tucked away from the world, away from all her thoughts and storms inside her...with you- where she feels safe and calm

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