She was as mysterious as Autumn

Hyderabad: 18 March 2023: She had an Autumn heart. Cold. Black with darkness. Full of crinkled dead orange leaves on her heart's earthy floor. Black ravens circling protecting her. Cobwebs of past loves lost but not forgotten. Cold like a brisk wind making you cover your shoulders from the chill you get up your spine. Cold as a lake's murky waters deep down below, but looks calm as glass with the sunset's reflection, where the lake and land blend in like a painting. Oh, but she was warm and colorful as Autumn too. Vibrant of all the colors of the trees in the mountains turn come September. A purple vintage goblet filled to the brim with pomegranate red wine. Warm like a soft Chenille sweater bought in Edinburgh. Warm as the gaze she gives you from across the room as she wears the red & black lace number you like. Warm as the tongue you feel as you're on a business call urging you to hurry it along. Hot like a candle lit on the mantle next to her black leather bound book 'Collection of tales & poems by Edgar Allan Poe'. Warm as her hand touching your knee as you're driving her in the thick of night. Burning like the fire you started in the fireplace as you played Violin and the music filled her with longing for you . She had the warmth and chill of Autumn. No wonder why she loved that season the best. It described her soul perfectly."

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