She was heavenly femininity and demonic sensuality


Hyderabad, 16, 8,2o22 , "She was heavenly femininity and demonic sensuality. She was angelic divine chaos and alluring sultry seduction. She was pure innocence with a devilish grin. With eyes that pierced his soul and made his heart flutter. She was kindness and empathy, and ice cold as the first winter's snow watching bridges burn to ash. She was forgiving and strong. She was freedom and captivity. And she loved him with everything she had. Everything that made her -her. She loved the devil without looking back. Accepting his utter darkness and his endearing light. He loved everything about her. He wanted her for exactly who she was, without changing any part of her. She wanted all of him, every fiber of him. She soaked him in and breathed his fire. Without ever looking back. It was a love of glorious fury as the sky opened up and applauded with thunder and lightning strikes."

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