She was like a fictional character


Hyderabad: 22 June 2022 : She was one who connected with fictional characters She read about and watched. She connected with Elizabeth Bennett and her fondness of reading and walking. Shy, yet direct as well. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, yet being cautious. She connected with Alice who was so lost She found solace in tea friends in another land. She cried when things got too overwhelming, yet was so very curious and stubborn. She connected with Wendy. The girl that Peter couldn't make up his mind about, yet took her flying passing stars and mermaids. Very motherly and protective, and waited and waited for Peter to return until she gave up. She connected with Malificent when she burned down bridges of those who wronged her and turned into a dragon when pushed in a corner. She connected with Sleeping Beauty, for She loved to sleep. That's the only place she was free from her thoughts swirling in her mind. She was like Daisy, childlike and naive, a fool for love, but Gatsby loved her with every fiber in his being. She connected with Dorothy, finding a home not in a place, but in the people she loved, and she didn't have to go too far to find it. She was like Dexter, dark and secretive. Only showing her true self and her darkness to a select few she felt safe with to know the real her behind those sad closed-in eyes. Lastly, she was like Darcy, pouring her heart out on her sleeve, open, honest and raw. Full disclosure on her emotions to the one she loved most. She was smart, yet vulnerable. She was like so many all in one. There is many facets that make her- her. But only he sees all of her. He gets everyone she is and then some.

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