She was strong willed and she took no crap.

Hyderabad, 16 ,8, 2o22, That's the thing about her.
She was sensitive, loving, kindhearted, and soft.
She felt what you felt.
She felt your happiness, worry, stress, and pain.
Yet she was strong willed and she took no crap.
She voiced her opinion and thoughts, and she stood up for those she cared about.
She wasn't always that way.
She was made into that at a young age.
Trauma shaped her.
Maybe that was a good thing.
Maybe she had to go through all that to become the person she is today.
A mix of both heaven and hell. Softness and strength.
Chaos and wild.
Fragility, and steadiness.
Follows the rules, yet goes against the crowd.
She could break glass ceilings with eloquent precision."

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