She will rebuild herself. Her crown is crooked, and her fortress walls are impenetrable.


Hyderabad: 22 April 2022: Behind her eyes lays a sadness deep within. They were once happy and full of light. She hides it well. No one would ever suspect unless she told you. However, she doesn't open up to just anyone. She's quiet and she listens more than she speaks. She needs to trust you and feel comfortable enough to be open and raw. When it happens, just listen and be there for her. It took a lot for her to open up. She's the sounding board for many, but right now, she needs your ear and your shoulder. She's not the strong one anymore, not like before, so don't look at her the same. She'll get back there in time. She will rebuild herself. Her crown is crooked now, and her fortress walls are high and impenetrable. Only he can tear down the walls she built so high and enter the inner sanctum of her soul to fix her"

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