She writes to help herself, calm her thoughts, tears coming down her face for no reason. She's a work in progress.


Hyderabad: 2 May 2020: She writes because she doesn't really know how to explain what she's feeling and what she's going through. Maybe by writing will help her and others like her going through this. Sometimes she reads quotes and poems, and totally connects with the words... and feels what she just read told how she felt perfectly more than she can ever explain to you. Someone gets it. Someone understands, and it's comforting to know she's not alone in her feelings. To feel such sadness and be withdrawn is to feel like a shell of a person of who she once was. She's existing, but not really living. She's surviving to make it through another day, knowing she has to wake up and do it all over again. She wants to be her happy soulful person full of laughter. She wants to truly enjoy the little things through the day and special moments without this dark sadness inside her. She misses that part of herself and wants it back. So she writes. She writes to help herself whenever she needs to calm her thoughts and tears coming down her face for no reason. Be patient with her. She's a work in progress, but she'll get there

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