Sherry Rehman says after gas and sugar, nation to be ready for flour crisis


ISLAMABAD: 15, NOVEMBER, 2021: Pakistan Peoples' Party (PPP) Union Vice President and Senator Sherry Rehman on Monday said that after gas and sugar, the nation should now be ready for flour crisis.
In a tweet, the PPP Senator wrote that now people will have no gas in winter, no flour to cook, and they are being punished for the inefficiency of this government.
The govt has already been warned by the Punjab Flour Mills Association regarding flour crisis, she added.
She asked the government, "Will you blame the opposition for the flour crisis now?"
Sherry Rehman further said that "While the country struggles with a crippling gas deficit, this winter the last staple left to eat is also under threat: roti. The Punjab Flour Mills Association is protesting at the new purchasing crisis to profit only mafias. A bag of 20 kilos of Aata has already gone up by Rs 80!" (04)

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