Sindh Govt notified the Buddu and Bundal Islands mangroves as protected

Khalil Jibran
Karachi:4 February 2022: Finally, on Orders of the Honorable Sindh High Court in our petition, the Sindh Govt has notified the Buddu and Bundal Islands mangroves as protected. It is not just PTI that had been eyeing the islands. The campaign to do commercial development on these islands started under Musharraf then after PPP Govt left out Buddu & Bundal from list of protected forests in 2010, we saw Malik Riaz sign a 2bn$ MoU to develop these islands. Now with the islands' mangroves declared protected forests any malicious plans to destroy these mangroves which are crucial for Karachi have been laid to rest. This was a citizen effort led by Climate activists Ahmad Shabbar, Yasir Hussain and Academic Professor Jamil Kazmi. It was an honor to represent this cause in Court as their lawyer and get a chance to serve my city.

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