Sinf e Ahan , Masses are enjoying the flip in Pakistani TV on feminine rage and power ,women standing for themselves


Karachi: 25 February 2022: Controversial opinion - but I'm genuinely enjoying the flip in Pakistani TV on feminine rage and power. For a very long time our media has perpetuated the bourgeoise feminine ideal of softness and sabbr. Whereas I've always argued that Pakistani women and trans* experiences on the street often give glimpses of immense power, resistance, and inspiration. So now that Pakistani TV is showing women taking a physical stand, and I see people rejoicing saying this is how it should happen, we are inching closer to "optimism". How? Before, we stated that one should be quiet to not invite more trouble and to protect honour. Now, we are championing being vocal and defending yourself because that is what is honourable.
This is a MAJOR narrative flip and we shall all be welcoming this.
PS: I've done a lot of fieldwork in Christian communities alongside women and I know some reliable women who have worked a lot in Youhanabad and they can vouch that street harassment is there markedly less than other areas of Lahore. Just adding this here for a contrast...

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