So why not pick our challenge, and embrace the struggle?


Mehrub Moiz Awan
Karachi: 5 Dec 2022: My decision to go public about being trans, get my transgender CNIC issued and getting my name changed on my documents, and finally living my Truth has been the best decision of my life so far.
As a public figure, it's something I've hidden, masked, and suppressed since 2016 when I became "famous" (whatever the f that word means). It had a toll on my mental and physical health, almost beyond repair - damage which I'm still recovering from as my body finally gets the metabolic and hormonal care that it needs.
It has cost me work, income, and security, but none of these trump the factual reality of my existence.
To all young trans folks, the world is changing - and embracing our Truth and evolving alongside it is becoming easier than before. Yes, there are challenges but isn't living like a man/woman, when you aren't one, challenging already? So why not pick our challenge, and embrace the struggle?
None of this would have been possible had I not had good and empathetic clinical care, psychological care, psychiatric care, and most importantly the support of family, loved ones, and employers, around me.
I'm so proud that we, the khwajasiras, are literally a political force to be reckoned with. Each and every one of our activists has paved the way for us to get to this point.
1. Focus on your education/trade, hustle, and get that degree/recognition that you need
2. Take decisions for yourself, invest in yourself, and secure yourself as best as you can
3. Prepare yourself for shocks - save some money, and make healthy connections that can cushion you emotionally
4. Remember that you're more than a sexual object - both cisgender and trans cultures WILL try and convince you that no matter what you're a sexual object. Reject this objectification and define your own sexual identity, free from the shackles of shame and mandatory sexuality both.
5. Make community wherever you go - we are social beings and being in and contributing to community serves us all well in the end.

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