Some incidents steals part of you, your soul, and you just long to have your old self back."-


Karachi: 28 /8/2022: He asked her...."What are you feeling?" She thought. Really thought. Trying to put it into words. And when she knew the answer, she didn't even want to say it out loud because then it would be real. So she paused, took a deep breath and said "Numb. Indifferent. The color Grey on a paper of a colored rainbow".
He then asked her, knowing her, "And what do you think of the sunset?" Knowing she loves the way the sky changes different colors night after night during the sunset. She always said 'Wow' to herself whenever she saw it. One night it can be more pinkish, the next more firery orange or purple. She looked in the direction of the sunset. Part of her was in awe, the other part was blank. So the girl that would've answered "Oh my God! That's so pretty! Look at the colors!", said plainly, almost emotionless "That's nice".
That's how depression makes you feel. Things you used to love doing and love seeing, you're now unenthusiastic about it. Indifferent. Blasé. Dispassionate. It steals part of you. Part of your soul. Like something ripped part of you away, and you just long for the day to have your old self back."-

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