Sorry for the awful, accurate things, feminists said out loud, that triggered your though pattern..


Hyderabad: 26 December 2021: Why is this concept so hard to grasp: if you are not an abusive man you do not need to get angry and feel attacked when women are talking about abusive men. I was yelled at by three men all day today when I spoke about one man who abused me and several other women. They insisted that by saying my abuser was male, I was being misandrist. They said it bothered them far more that I had said my attacker was male than the fact I and at least 7 other women were abused. And herein lies the problem. They know we aren’t talking about all men. They just don’t want us to say anything at all. It’s how misogyny works. It usually threatens their weak perception of self and their own masculinity and inevitably results in they themselves being enablers of the horrid behaviors and beliefs held by others of their same gender.
Further she clarifies that, When I say “men” I mean in general, someone who is male. I never mean all men. And I’m tired of having to specify that. These guys who get upset when I say “men” are keeping us all from having a much needed conversation that would most certainly being needed awareness that could save so many lives. And what kind of “good guy” keeps that convo from happening??

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