Stay close to anything that makes you alive without harming other creatures

Hyderabad: 7 November 2021: Oh God, would it be too much to ask if... we could be the last tragedy in this world? It's when the sky eulogized all the shipwrecks on their last sunset. It's when prayers were so strong, but all we're getting drowned or swallowed. It's when promises get suspended in crushing tears. It's when the bees got extinct and the fireflies were graveyards one last time, as to the birds, they would orchestrate the biggest requiem you would see. And no, there's no flying cars or floating cities in that time. Just skyscrapers falling as storms get high, bridges burning as ocean and earth collide. And us, at the edge of a cliff on the last archipelago. No mourning or another morning. Just a well-spent day at the end of all time—
Would that be too much?

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