Stop harassing female journalists on social media: SUJ


SUKKUR: 16, JANUARY, 2022: (Report: Bisma Shamsi) Expressing concern over the growing trend of harassment of women journalists on social media by the Sukkur Union of Journalists, President Saleem Sehto, General Secretary Javed Jatoi and Finance Secretary Kashif Phalphoto and other officials said in a joint statement that women journalists are strong voice of Pakistani media, we will not allow their voice to be suppressed under any circumstances. They said that the federal and provincial governments need to take immediate steps to discourage this trend on a priority basis.
In a statement, the Sukkur Union of Journalists(SUJ) expressed concern over the growing trend of harassing and degrading women journalists on social media. SUJ mentioned in its statement that the growing number of incidents of harassment of journalists is reprehensible.
Lala Asad Pathan, vice-president of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), said that a foreigner, Waqas Goraya, who is in the Netherlands, passed discouraging statements and used vulgar language for senior women journalists including Jawariya Siddique, Sameera Khan, Mona Khan and Shifa Yousafzai, Anam Elahi, Sehar, Farida Idrees, Gharida Farooqi, Bushra Amir, Umbereen Fatima, Sana Tauseef, Cynthia Richie, Maleeha Hashmi and others. He told that attempts to stifle the voices of women journalists are unacceptable.
The Sukkur Press Club called the federal government to take immediate steps to discourage this trend.
The leaders of SPC said that journalism and journalists are already facing various problems in Pakistan. Many journalists have been killed, many have gone missing, many journalists have lost their jobs, hundreds have had their salaries cut. In such worst situation, the launch of a systematic campaign against women journalists on social media and harassing them is tantamount to stifling journalism.
The Sukkur Union of Journalists believes that freedom of expression is a fundamental right of journalists as well as every citizen, but in exercising this right, civilization should not be lost. (04)

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