Street Justice, mob lynching, no one is spared by anyone. You can be the next Target


Swat: 23 June 2024: Look at the condition of minorities in our troubled yet beloved land. Christians have been attacked, maimed, and murdered or lynched at will, often on flimsy, mostly fabricated pretexts. Their homes have been torched, their churches bombed and burned.

We have callously watched as young Hindu girls are abducted, forcibly converted, and married to their abductors, while the pleas of their families and the victims fall on deaf ears.

When the state interferes with religion, vested interest groups take it upon themselves to dictate interpretations of faith. Not stopping at merely declaring a community a minority, we continue to target its members through assassinations, property destruction, and restrictions on their religious practices even within their own homes.

Even numerically smaller Muslim sects have not been spared, facing murder and imprisonment on dubious charges.

The blasphemy law has been weaponized, enforced not by the police or courts but by mobs acting as judge, jury, and executioner based solely on allegations.

Quoting the second part of Quaid-e-Azam's speech, "You may belong to any religion, caste, or creed—that has nothing to do with the business of the State." However, since the Objectives Resolution onwards, the state has frequently intertwined faith with governance, allowing groups with vested interests to impose their interpretations of the law through mob rule.

The state bears significant responsibility. Over the years, it has exploited religion to enhance its power and wealth, often fueling extremism under the guise of national security imperatives. These policies have cost countless civilian and military lives, yet failed to deliver tangible national security benefits.

Former dictator General Zia-ul-Haq stands out as a key promoter of extremism for personal gain, but subsequent military leaders have not effectively countered this trend. Civilian leadership, often marginalized in decision-making on national security, faces repercussions when challenging establishment-backed militant proxies.

Hypocrisy permeates those who exploit faith for political gain, exemplified by the open promotion of intolerance and glorification of convicted murderers by prominent figures.

Despite superior court rulings emphasizing minority rights and protections against bigotry, Pakistani authorities have consistently failed to implement them. This echoes the fate of the National Action Plan (NAP), approved amid wide consensus but largely ignored while terrorism continues to claim lives.

Pakistan, a nuclear power aspiring to regional economic leadership, must confront the scourge of extremism eroding its foundations. Failure to address this directly risks mirroring the fate of other struggling nations worldwide.




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