Students should not fall prey to academic tactics and tricks, pay focus, and study.

Hyderabad: 5 November 2021: Since a lot of people are trying to make aspirants pay for screening test preparation and practice. I want to give a few guidelines which i learnt from my experience so far.
Its only mcqs based test, so you don't need to panic as only 33% is required. If am sure if you see the paper now, you might know the answers of 20-30 if you go without preparation and also you can guess some answers as well as there will be no negative marking as of current news.
Secondly, if you are preparing for CSS written exam for months, you shouldn't fear this screening test.
Sources which I recommend and which academies/institutions/individuals will use or are using to teach you mcqs are
1.Pakmcqs . Com
2.Preparationpoint . Com
3.Tipspk . Com
4.Mcqspk . Com
5.Testpoint . Com
6.Mcqsplanet . Com
7.Examveda . Com
You will find thousands of mcqs there, and as per my experience, PPSC and other testing agencies have used the same mcqs with same options from these website in their tests.
They have separate portions for Eng, GK, Current affairs, Pak affairs, Pak study, Islamiat etc. So, its very easy to study.
Thats all for those who Don't want to buy book in hard form and for those who can afford or can easily buy book can consult any book of mcqs for example, JWT's Tehsildar guide, Carvan's mcqs guide. Etc.
The reason here not to join academy for this test is that mcqs cannot be injected in your brains hy teachers, they will just read and tell you the answers, which can be done by yourself too.
Moreover, do give mock screening tests at academy as it will help you in time management and confidence.
So, if you are going for CSS exams, you should at least put a little effort by opening these websites and start doing mcqs daily.
Lastly, FPSC do repeat Mcqs, so do not forget to go through mcqs of past 20 years.
That's all from today's post.
Criticism is welcomed.

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