Suicidal thought and loneliness

Hyderabad: 7 October 2022: Monsters Do Teach Well”
She was standing alone on a bridge
100 feet above the storm-ravaged sea
She feels like a failure in her heart
Wishing for the hope that didn’t save her family
She drank her whiskey til each bottle cried
Three sets of eyes have many feelings of real
Disgust and sadness at her failure to thrive
But there’s always a syringe to help her heal
Stepping over her empty body the husband just grins
He gets another beer for his thirsty cruelty
The kids are a convenience or just in the way
Being young with hope, a child's love to a father’s insincerity
She’s so afraid there will be nothing to feel
From her children, keeping her cold inside her heart
She knows death will always bring her a new beginning
But, is this moment the right time to start?
She climbs down from the bridge and into the night
So many tears are staining her tortured heart
She’ll never forgive herself for being so empty
Her tears created a chasm, keeping her family torn apart
Standing on that bridge on this cold and windy day
There was plenty of time in thoughts of her pathetic life
Kids are young in learning, but monsters do teach well
Keeping the easy way out of love, for this husband and wife
She took another shot but not from a needles sin
Bourbon and grief always go together really well
The two of them are responsible for their children’s grief
The time has come to pull them all out of hell
She made arrangements with her sister for care and love
No more questions for their sick mom and dad
She dusted off her gun and then slipped her negligee on
One more moment of a night to be bad
From the bedroom, she called out to her man
He came to the door and saw her half naked on the bed
With a smile, he quickly tore his clothes off
Grunting was all the words that he said
Laying next to her and trying not to spill his beer
He took a swig and then gave her a smile of sin
Her sexy smile and her gun, now there’s no going back
Two souls and karma, payback will now begin

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