TAREEKH PE TAREEKH, Youth representation in Parliament is being delayed due to lack of interest

Islamabad: 16 January 2022: f anyone here is planning to pursue a pro-youth Bill or any Bill through Parliament, DONT. Its nothing but khwaari and only khwaari. In November 2021, two years after I drafted the Youth Quota Bill, it was submitted to Parliament after being endorsed by two MNAs. In an ideal world, the next step was that the Bill should be presented in Parliament in the next session.
On December 29, 2021, the Bill was finally on National Assembly's agenda. The session was set to start at 3pm. But lol, it started by 4:30pm cause most MNAs came 1.5 hours late. Even after the session began, the Assembly was a total mess. We, the public sitting in visitor's area were at least 3 times more disciplined and respectful than MNAs sitting in front of us. Many MNAs were not even listening to whatever was being discussed in the Assembly right in front of them. Abhi session ke bilkul first agenda par hi debate chal rahi thi that MNAs started leaving the Assembly one by one. It looked like many MNAs came to only mark their attendance and then leave. Then all of a sudden for no reason, the session was adjourned. Just like that.
Today, the Bill was again on Assembly's agenda. And as expected, today's session was also adjourned midway just like that. According to records, so many sessions of National Assembly are adjourned like this for no reason. Matlab yahan alag hi scene chal raha hai. This is why a simple first step like presenting a Bill takes days, then weeks, then months, eventually becoming years.
Upar se the treatment you get at the National Assembly as an ordinary citizen is so beautiful. Ghazab beizzati hai yaar. On December 29, a staff person threatened to throw me out of Assembly. Because according to him, I was standing 5 inches too close to a gate jahan se MNAs bahar aatay hain. He asked me to move away. I moved away. Yet, he decided to yell and threaten so that everyone knows who's the boss. Even after multiple apologies to him, he continued threatening. I also saw staff humiliate a father simply because he was sitting outside (quite far) the Assembly Hall with his toddler.
Nobody is asking for special treatment and parliaments globally have protocols but at least don't ridicule public especially in a place like this!
Khair, the Bill is delayed yet again

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